Our 19L Bottled Water

We strive to provide all our clients in Greater London with the freshest, healthiest water the UK has to offer. We ensure that our water is pure and naturally filtered to give it its unique blend of minerals, including calcium and selenium, as well as its delicate, sweet taste.

Our water is drawn from 60 metres below ground under the England-Wales border in Shropshire and is bottled at its source using the latest technology.
Our 19-litre bottles are available to offices, businesses and homes within the M25 and come with free delivery.

Price per bottle: £5.99
Free delivery
Minimum order 2 bottles

19 Litre Bottle dimensions:
Height: 484.0mm - 490.0mm
Weight: 760gr - 790gr
Diameter of bottle : 267.0mm - 271.0mm
Diameter of Outer Neck : 54.8mm - 56.0mm